Cotyledonoid leiomyoma in pregnancy

M. Mathew, V. Gowri*, A. Al Hamdani, L. Machado, K. Rao, S. Shabnam

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BACKGROUND: Benign smooth-muscle tumors (leiomyomata) are the most frequent tumors found in the female genital tract. They are easy to diagnose in pregnancy and usually managed conservatively. Some variant forms with unusual infiltrative growth pattern have been known, but they are rare in pregnancy. The variant forms pose diagnostic and management difficulties. CASE: An unusual type of leiomyoma (cotyledonoid), adhering to the bowels and occupying the whole left broad ligament, was excised completely at 14 weeks of gestation, and the pregnancy continued to term. CONCLUSION: Familiarity with benign uterine smooth-muscle tumors with unusual growth patterns by gynecologists and pathologists is essential in avoiding over-treatment.

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