Chlamydia trachomatis infection & female infertility

Abida Malik*, S. Jain, S. Hakim, I. Shukla, M. Rizvi

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Background & objectives: Chlamydia trachomatis is a well recognized sexually transmitted pathogen. Besides its potential to produce genital tract infection, C. trachomatis is increasingly being associated with long-term complications like infertility. The present study was undertaken to assess the role of C. trachomatis in female infertility as such data are lacking. Methods: Women of primary and secondary infertility (n=110) and 30 healthy term pregnant women as control group were enrolled in the study. Detailed clinical history of each patient was recorded. Hysterosalpingography was performed in all patients. Endocervical swabs were collected for culture on cycloheximide treated McCoy cell line and for antigen detection by ELISA. Results: C. trachomatis was detected in 31 (28.1 %) of the 110 infertile women while one (3.3 %) in control group was positive for C. trachomatis (P<0.01). Cell culture alone identified 25 (22.72%) patients suffering from chlamydial infection while C. trachomatis antigen was detected by ELISA in 18 (16.37%) patients. The one control case was positive for Chlamydia antigen by ELISA and not by cell culture. Chlamydial positivity was seen in 20 of the 74 (27%) women with primary infertility and in 11 of the 36 (30.6%) with secondary infertility. Of the 58 asymptomatic women, 21(36.2%) had chlamydia infection while among the 52 symptomatic cases 10 (19.2%) were infected; 38 per cent women with chlamydial infection also had tubal occlusion. Interpretation & conclusion: A significantly high rate of C. trachomatis infection was found in infertile women and more so in asymptomatic females and in secondary infertility cases. Lack of symptoms make clinical diagnosis of chlamydial infection difficult. Screening of infertile women for C. trachomatis is therefore recommended so far early therapeutic interventions.

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