Calculation of inflow and outflow in phreatic aquifers

A. R. Kacimov*

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Computer algebraic routines are applied for determination of the phreatic surface from standard boundary-value problems for ordinary differential equations. The method does not require iterative steps as other methods do and therefore may be readily used by engineers. The problem of seepage from (into) an unconfined semiinfinite aquifer into (from) an adjacent reservoir that has a sudden change of water level is revised. Comparisons with the Polubarinova-Kochina series expansion are done. Superelevation of the water table in a wetting regime compared to a drainage regime is quantified by the value of sorptivity (desorptivity). The absolute values of sorptivity and desorptivity diverge as the amplitude of the reservoir level change increase. A problem of a steady flow into (from) a constant head well from (into) an unconfined leaky aquifer is also examined. The water table elevation, well rate, and volume of the cone of depression (injection) are calculated.

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