Calcifying fibrous pseudotumour: A case report

Ritu Lakhtakia, Nirmala Jambhekar*

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Calci tying fibrous pseudotumor with psamomma bodies (CFT) is a distinct soft tissue lesion characterized by lymphoplasmacytic collections in a rich collagenous background with abundant calcification. It was recognized first in peripheral axial soft tissues. Recently reports of this lesion in an intrabdominal location have raised speculations about it being a myofibroblastic tumor. However, this has been discounted on several objective grounds. Its recognition is important for the excellent prognosis, once adequately excised. This case report exemplifies one such case with a long term disease-free follow-up and discusses the other clinicopathologic entities it may be confused with.

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دوريةIndian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology
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