Caesarean sections at sultan Qaboos University hospital: A three year review

Mariam Mathew*, Radha Kumari, Vlasta Vaclavinkova, Andrzej Krolikowski

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Objective: To review the caesarean sections (C/S) performed at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital (SQUH), Muscat, Oman, over a period of three years. Method: The records of 727 patients who underwent C/S at SQUH during the three year period from 1st July 1998 to 30th June 2001 were analysed. Results: The C/S rate during this period was 13%, 42.6% of which were repeat C/S. Most were performed on women in the age group 26-30 years and of parity 2-3. The majority of the caesareans were at term and done under general anaesthesia. The most common indication was fetal distress and the most common complication was fever. Conclusion: The rate, indications, nature and frequency of complications of C/S performed at SQUH are similar to those at obstetric departments in academic hospitals in developed countries.

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