Banana fruit bruise detection using fractal dimension based image processing

Mai Al-Dairi, Pankaj B. Pathare*, Rashid Al-Yahyai, Hemanatha Jayasuriya, Zahir Al-Attabi

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The study used the fractal dimension (FD), browning incidence, and grayscale values using machine vision to describe the bruise magnitude and quality of mechanically damaged ‘Fard’ bananas bruised from 20, 40, 60 cm drop heights by 66, 98, and 110 g ball weights conditioned at different storage temperatures (5, 13, 22 °C) after 48 h. Conventional analyses like bruise area (BA), bruise volume (BV), and bruise susceptibility (BS) were also conducted. A correlation was performed to determine the relationship between image processing and conventional assessment of bruise damage in bananas. Weight, firmness, color, sugar content, and acidity were investigated. The results demonstrated that bananas bruised from the highest force and stored at 5 and 22 °C reported the lowest FD with values of 1.7162 and 1.7403, respectively. Increasing the level of damage reduced the fractal dimension and grayscale values and increased browning incidence and bruise susceptibility values after 48 h of storage. The total color change values showed a strong Pearson's correlation coefficient (r≥-0.81) with image analysis fractal dimension and grayscale values. The findings also indicated that higher bruising and temperature can induce weight loss, firmness reduction, lightness, and yellowness increment, and sugar and acidity changes. Overall, the fractal image analysis conducted in this study was highly effective in describing the bruising magnitude of bananas under different conditions.

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حالة النشرPublished - أكتوبر 15 2024

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