An Approach to Pharmacological Targets of Pyrrole Family From Medicinal Chemistry Viewpoint

Ebrahim Saeedian Moghadam, Katayoon Mireskandari, Raid Abdel-Jalil, Mohsen Amini*

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Pyrrole is one of the most widely used heterocycles in the pharmaceutical industry. Due to the importance of pyrrole structure in drug design and development, herein, we tried to conduct an extensive review of the bioactive pyrrole-based compounds reported recently. The bioactivity of pyr-role derivatives varies, so in the review, we categorized them based on their direct pharmacologic tar-gets. Therefore, readers are able to find the variety of biological targets for pyrrole-containing compounds easily. This review explains around seventy different biologic targets for pyrrole-based deriva-tives, so it is helpful for medicinal chemists in the design and development of novel bioactive compounds for different diseases. This review presents an extensive, meaningful structure-activity relationship for each reported structure as much as possible. The review focuses on papers published between 2018 and 2020.

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