Advancing sandstone reservoir compressibility prediction: A correlation-driven methodology

Tarek Arbi Omar Ganat

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This study presents a correlation-based approach for predicting the compressibility of sandstone
reservoir rocks. The study proposes a matrix of new empirical equations that significantly improve the
precision of measuring the pore volume compressibility, with the most optimal fit of results based on a
cubic polynomial model. The accuracy of the calculations was validated through comparison with actual
data using root mean square method, and the suggested correlations significantly enhance the precise
prediction of rock compressibility in sandstone reservoirs. In this study, the source of data collection is
consolidated and unconsolidated sandstone from East Asia offshore oilfields. Accordingly, variations in
compressibility with net overburden pressure over the course of the field's lifespan have been examined.
The results demonstrate the application of regression analysis in establishing a network of linkages
between independent and dependent variables. The proposed correlations for consolidated and unconsolidated sandstones offer a remarkable improvement in the accurate calculation of rock
compressibility compared to traditional laboratory procedures, with an average error of 2.5% compared
to 5e10% for laboratory measurements. The approach of this study offers a cost-effective and timeefficient alternative to remarkedly enhance the overall performance of sandstone reservoirs in the oil
and gas industry.
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حالة النشرPublished - 2024

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