Additive effects of microplastics on accumulation and toxicity of cadmium in male zebrafish

Maklas Al Marshoudi, Hassan A. Al Reasi, Aziz Al-Habsi, Michael J. Barry*

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Microplastics (MPs) have emerged as contaminants of concern because of their ubiquitous presence in almost all aquatic environments. The ecological effects of MPs are complex and depend on multiple factors including their age, size and the ecological matrix. There is an urgent need for multifactorial studies to elucidate their impacts. We measured the effects of virgin and naturally aged MPs, alone, pretreated with cadmium (Cd), or in combination with ionic Cd, on the bioaccumulation of Cd, metallothionein expression, behavior, and histopathology of adult zebrafish (Danio rerio). Zebrafish were exposed to virgin or aged polyethylene MPs (0.1% MPs enriched diets, w/w) or waterborne Cd (50 μg/L) or a combination of the two for 21 days. There was an additive interaction between water-borne Cd and MPs on bioaccumulation in males but not in females. Cd accumulation increased by twofold when water-borne Cd and MPs were combined. Water-borne Cd induced significantly higher levels of metallothionein compared to MPs pre-exposed to Cd. However, Cd-treated MPs caused greater damage to the intestine and liver compared to untreated MPs suggesting that bound Cd could be released or modulate MPs toxicity. We also showed that co-exposure to water-borne Cd and MPs increased anxiety in the zebrafish, compared with water-borne Cd alone, suggesting using microplastics as a vector may increase toxicity. This study demonstrates that MPs can enhance the toxicity of Cd, but further study is needed to elucidate the mechanism.

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