Adaptive fuzzy approximation control of PV grid-connected inverters

Myada Shadoul, Hassan Yousef*, Rashid Al Abri, Amer Al-Hinai

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Three-phase inverters are widely used in grid-connected renewable energy systems. This paper presents a new control methodology for grid-connected inverters using an adaptive fuzzy control (AFC) technique. The implementation of the proposed controller does not need prior knowledge of the system mathematical model. The capabilities of the fuzzy system in approximating the nonlinear functions of the grid-connected inverter system are exploited to design the controller. The proposed controller is capable to achieve the control objectives in the presence of both parametric and modelling uncertainties. The control objectives are to regulate the grid power factor and the dc output voltage of the photovoltaic systems. The closed-loop system stability and the updating laws of the controller parameters are determined via Lyapunov analysis. The proposed controller is simulated under different system disturbances, parameters, and modelling uncertainties to validate the effectiveness of the designed controller. For evaluation, the proposed controller is compared with conventional proportional-integral (PI) controller and Takagi-Sugeno-Kang-type probabilistic fuzzy neural network controller (TSKPFNN). The results demonstrated that the proposed AFC showed better performance in terms of response and reduced fluctuations compared to conventional PI controllers and TSKPFNN controllers.

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