A Comparative Analysis of Information and Artificial Intelligence towards National Security

Mohammed Nasser Al-Suqri, Maryam Gillani*

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Information is inevitable when it comes to national security. The information revolution seems to hold the massive potential to strengthen national security against current and upcoming threats and cyber-attacks. However, advancements in information accessibility possess innumerable complications for retaining stable national security. One of the preeminent information sources is social media which certainly raises information manipulation factors and destabilizes national security. To accomplish better national security plans, information technology can help countries to identify potential threats, share information securely, and protect mechanisms in them. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the smart areas that robustly facilitates secure information handling to avoid threats and cyber-attacks. It intelligently scrutinizes information available to the public through social media and assists in refraining negative effects on national security. This research article widely focuses on four main analytical milestones; 1) Information available to the public 2) Information affecting national security 3) Risks of cyber-attacks 4) AI as paramount to national security for accomplishing competent information role. Our principal objective is to demystify information accessibilities perspectives for readers to understand the fundamentals of information accessibility and inaccessibility corresponding to national security. To support and manifest our milestones and objectives, Systematic Literature Review (SLR) is methodologically adapted to draw suitable conclusions and develop a farsighted model and frame of reference. This paper concludes with AI tool based categorization, algorithmic function and domain-specific analysis with area-based limitations to highlight current needs. Above all, this article is a thought-provoking kick-start for many naive social media users that usually avoid information-bearing elements and are victimized by cyber-attacks followed by national security compromises.

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