A bibliometric analysis of revenue management in airline industry

Syed Asif Raza*, Rafi Ashrafi, Ali Akgunduz

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Air travel industry is among the most and the oldest beneficiaries of the Operations Research tools. The literature in the field of airline revenue management has been steadily growing over four decades. This paper presents a structured literature review of the peer-reviewed publications in the area of Revenue Management in the airline industry. The structured literature review utilizes contemporary tools from the bibliometric analysis of over 350 articles that are extracted. Using the comprehensive tools from bibliometric analysis, we identify emerging research clusters, topological analysis, key research topics, interrelation and collaboration networks and their patterns. A systematic graphical mapping helps marking research publications evaluation over the period explored along with the direction for future research. A multivariate analysis is also carried out on the co-citation matrix for identification of the factors and clusters in the highly cited publications. The findings of this paper also guide to layout a robust strategic plan for future research studies in the field.

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دوريةJournal of Revenue and Pricing Management
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